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Apple iPad Mini: It’s Official!

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Bloggers and techies alike have been speculating it for months, but today Apple made it official: the iPad Mini is the newest member of the Apple family. With a 7.9-inch retina display, the iPad mini is 23% thinner and 53% lighter than the latest iPad with the same 1024-by-768 resolution – which makes for an incredibly sharp and clear display. Apple’s goal for the iPad mini is clear: to offer a smaller tablet of higher quality than its competition. Whether or not Apple can successfully achieve this goal without compromising any aspects of the “iPad experience” is yet to be determined by consumers and critics alike. With a starting price of $329 and pre-orders beginning this Friday, we’ll soon know if this goal has been achieved.

Along with the iPad mini, Apple also revealed their new 13-inch MacBook Pro with retina display, their updated line of iMacs, and the 4th generation iPad – all of which include thinner designs, better processing speeds, and updated displays. This came as a mild surprise to most of us expecting just the iPad mini and maybe a software update to be announced today, but it’s clear Apple’s intent to update their product line is well underway.

As always, eTech Parts is working hard to make sure we have the parts you need in stock – including accessories for your new iDevices! We will have cases and accessories available for your purchase within days of the November 2nd release date, so keep checking back for news and updates!

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A Sensible Cover for your New iPad and iPad 2

I’m positive numerous of you’ve got heard about this case: Carbon Cover for iPad as you can find advertisements flying around. I got the pink cover for $69.99 with free shipping – Save the 14$ bucks if you ordered directly in the manufacturer.

Carbon Cover fits the iPad really easily and tight. Just place the other three corners in first, then snap within the fourth corner: you will hear a slight click sound. It fits very tightly, you are able to not get the iPad out without having purposely attempting.

Overall, this cover is related towards the original apple cover which I had for my iPad 1, nevertheless it appears far more upscale.(properly it’s a lot more high-priced). So should you have plenty of meetings along with your client, this cover is an excellent fit for that.

The leather backing feels excellent, appears very good, and completely covers the back and also the edging around the iPad. It leaves openings for all switches, connections, and the speaker. The truth is, the speaker cut out is the greatest I have observed. Elegant and useful. Look about at related situations; take note in the speaker cutout and also the protection for the sides as I mentioned right here.

The cover works just like the smart cover. The magnets hold the top down and it is going to not slide like other situations. Initially I created a stupid error: I put the iPad inside the incorrect path, and was so pissed because the sleep/awake function did not function at all. Nicely, it really is my own fault anyway. Once I place the iPad in the right direction: the speaker facing the speaker cutout.

the wake/sleep function performs completely. You simply ought to fold the extremely 1st 1, as well as your iPad will wake up, Close it, it goes to sleep. It is sensitive for the appropriate degree.

It feels very good and protects your iPad well. I was worried that the cover might have that cheesy carbon fiber look like the Trans Am dashes in the 80′s. It doesn’t. It really is professional.

I was also worried about the landscape view of this cover, tried it and have no issue at all. I attempted yet another portrait view. To test its durability,I even place my book on it and waited for 10 minities: Nothing at all takes place.

Complaints (minor):

I can’t tell which end is used to open it – it appears precisely the same in both directions. Need to look for the hinge or the power button to find out which strategy to open it.
Somewhat industrial smell when I first take it out. Do not let this one particular minor detail stop you from buying the case. It will go away.

Extremely Special and upscale looking. Trendy also. I haven’t seen anyone else with 1 alike.
Provides quite great protection – each front and back.
It totally exposes the whole front face in the iPad2
Extremely nice reduce out. All buttons are nicely exposed and you can easily access them.
sleep/awake function performs quite properly as it’s supposed to.

All round, I’m very happy with this case. would advocate to any person.

Folks, specifically males, are fond of the material “Carbon”. It’s durable and good-looking. There isn’t any exception for the iPad users. They may be trying tough to uncover a carbon cover for ipad 2 or carbon cover for ipad 3 with intelligent cover functionality. In the event you ever bought the wise cover from apple shop, you’ll understand that it does not have back protection. But with this carbon cover for iPad you are going to not have to be concerned any far more: complete protection, wise cover, durable protection, all in a single for you personally.

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Apple Manual For iPad

User manuals appear to get extremely tiny interest from new gadget owners nowadays. After all what’s a lot more thrilling than figuring out each of the functions, capabilities, and tricks all on your own with no any help from a stupid manual. Despite the fact that, reading manuals may well be the only method to maximize the functions of these new fancy electronics.

Like many other businesses, Apple does not include a user manual with their iPads. You are sort of left looking to figure out the best way to use it your self. Now for some of you this can be no problem, but for the rest of us who weren’t born using a Super Brain and aren’t as tech savvy, we are left with really handful of possibilities to learn our new toys.

Fortunately, should you appear difficult enough, you can find some obtainable resources discovered on the web on how you can unless the true prospective of one’s new Apple iPad. MB Here is really a couple of of the very best iPad tips that produced it feasible for customers to acquire probably the most out of their device.

Right here is actually a handful of guidelines and tricks to acquire you began.

Taking Screenshots

If you’d like to take a image from the existing screen you are viewing you’ll be able to basically hold down the property button and then press the energy button.

iPad Slideshow

Once you are around the lock screen, there is an icon of a photo on the bottom right corner, basically press that button as well as a side-show of each and every image within your Apple iPad will start off playing.

Adding Much more Apps For your Dock

You’ll find currently 4 apps preloaded on your dock, but if you would like to add your very own you’ll be able to merely press and hold any app then drag it towards the dock.

Shutting Down Applications

If you’d like to shut down your applications you simply require to double tap on the residence button, then press and hold a single app till each of the apps commence shaking. Then tap the red circle within the running apps to close them.

Steer clear of Accidental Application Exits

To prevent shutting down applications by accidentally tapping the residence button, a easy trick would be to press and hold down the house button for any handful of seconds after you load the application you do not need to accidentally close. Your iPad will now forget about closing down that application.

How you can Erase All “Top Secret” Data

In order to safeguard your “Top Secret” data from becoming discovered by spies, you can set your safety options to Erase All Data soon after 10 failed passcode attempts. Merely go into your Security Settings then slide the button subsequent to Erase All Data to ON.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 Vs iPad Mini and Nexus 7

The globe of electronics is receiving hugely competitive and might be difficult to maintain up with. It appears like new electronics are getting introduced to the marketplace everyday. Folks will wait for months for the release of one particular tablet, only to have yet another business fly one more tablet into the industry the following day and swoon shoppers away from the first release. Tablets are popping out left and right and it has consumers in a daze with their head spinning, how do you understand which tablet is truly the best way to go? Taking a good take a look at the tablets which are about to become released, this guide will set the stage for the future tablet.

To know which tablet is actually the very best option, you might have to examine the products to determine the positive aspects that each and every tablet is going to provide when compared with the other people. MB. The 3 most well-liked tablets to be released this year will be the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0, iPad mini, and also the Nexus 7.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0

The newest Tab 3 is mentioned to become the guru of all tablets by way of its ideal screen size and comprehensive processing. It sports a 7-inch screen, that is the perfect size for viewing purposes, but is also straightforward to shop. 8GB of storage permits you to save your favored movies and music without needing to worry about slow processing.

The release date has been rumored to be in early Might. People are developing anxious to determine the Android operated program which is stated to be one of the greatest tablets around the marketplace. Samsung has currently released a couple of tablets this year, however the Tab 3 7.0 is supposed to be like absolutely nothing any person has ever seen.

The most effective part about this solution is the value. The 7 inch tablet price has been rumored to be somewhere in between $150 and $200, which for any tablet is remarkable and can blow the competition out from the water. Several of these tablets are so expensive; they only reach their recognition around the holidays. At a low price tag, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 is going to be a simple present for any upcoming holidays or graduations.

The apps for this tablet are going to be compatible with a few of the most common apps that Android has to offer you including all of the well-known games, videos, as well as other apps that individuals have on their cell phones along with other devices. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 is stated to possess amazing app speeds that enables you to play your games more quickly and maintain video streaming at fantastic speeds.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 Vs. iPad Mini

Whenever you evaluate the Tab 3 7.0 for the iPad mini, the very first thing that’s going to stand out to you will be the price tag. There is certainly such a large value gap among the two devices together with the iPad mini getting more than twice as pricey. Whenever you examine the screen size, the Tab 3 is much more compatible for travel. The iPad mini features a larger screen, which could make it difficult to retailer. Each have similar qualities when it comes to video recording along with other tablet variables, so why pay much more income for the identical qualities?

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 Vs. Nexus 7

The Tab 3 7.0 tops the Nexus 7 by offering more camera functions for example front and rear cameras. By having front and rear cameras, it is going to have an impact on the applications that may be installed on the tablet. Without front and back cameras, the Nexus 7 is not going to become capable to support apps including Skype. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 also has the benefit of removable storage so you in no way lose your info or must manually upload your photographs from other devices. The Tab 3 7.0 offers a lot more comfort over the Nexus 7. Similar for the comparison towards the iPad mini, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 is less costly in cost than the Nexus 7 and provides more opportunities for apps.

When comparing the newest tablets to hit the market, you can’t argue with outcomes and you most absolutely cannot argue with price. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 may be the clear selection due to the fact it’s inexpensive and gives every thing that the iPad mini and the Nexus 7 has to supply and more. You should be able to enjoy an cost-effective tablet that offers every thing a program has to offer. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 will blow you away when compared to its competitors.

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iPad Mini Instances

When Apple initial launched the iPad in 2010, numerous individuals believed it was going to be a flop for the firm. Given that it was operating around the very same OS as the iPhone, several simply looked in the iPad as a bigger version from the common device. Nevertheless people quickly realised that the iPad was significantly more than just a bigger iPhone.

Whilst the iPad enjoyed wonderful good results, using the growing reputation of 7 inch Android tablets, many individuals began to wonder if it is relatively huge size was becoming a problem for the iPad. Apple responded by releasing the iPad Mini final year. It was released to wonderful acclaim and is now a single of Apple’s flagship products. Apple Accessories. If you have an iPad Mini then you’ll doubtless wish to safeguard it from bumps, scratches and fingermarks by acquiring a case for it. Below are four on the best instances for the iPad Mini which can be at the moment available on the market.

Top 4 iPad Mini Situations

1. Tavik Drone – The Tavik Drone is premium case for the iPad Mini and provides a stylish look whilst also providing outstanding functionality. The instances are created from stitched fabric and supply decent protection. Additionally they have a magnet in the front which acts as a sleep/wake function the same as Apple’s official situations. The Tavik Drone also allows you to make use of the iPad in a number of angles.

2. Sena Jornal – That is one more premium iPad Mini case that provides functionality and style for users. It has the look of a leather notebook as well as comes with interior pockets. Just like the Tavik Drone, the Sena Journal also comes with an auto sleep/wake function and is capable to prop up the iPad Mini at various angles.

3. BookBook – The BookBook case is accessible in three colours – Vibrant Red, Classic Black and Vintage Brown. It’ll appeal to people who need to add a sense of style and elegance to their iPad Mini since it provides the appearance of an old leather bookcase. Nevertheless it doesn’t just appear excellent but also comes with all the functions you’d expect from a premium case for example the capability to use it as a multi-angle stand.

4. Booqpad mini – This case is ideal for organization individuals on the go. It holds a notepad around the proper, using a holder for pen or stylus and also comes with many pockets to store company cards or other tiny items.

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Prime 10 iPhone Games Improvement Tips for Developers

Just like the a lot of job descriptions within the IT field, there are numerous difficult duties assigned to an iPhone game developer also. This can be never ever an easy-to-go job even though you might have decades of knowledge and multiple qualifications to create you an specialist designer and developer.

You could have heard the hype about the games like Angry Birds and Flight Handle and wondering how they’ve managed to grow to be so well-known. Well, it’s not mere luck that has produced this possible. Cellphone Parts. Everything associated with iPhone games development is accomplished by a

1) Devoted arranging of how you’re going to design your game

Realise that you will find a large number of games already offered within the domain. Therefore, your improvement strategy takes into account all the essential aspects which can be important to produce your games distinctive.

2) Collecting the correct studying materials

There are many on-line courses obtainable to find out the basics from the processes involved in iPhone games improvement.

3) Carrying out a detailed investigation to pick the very best platform that can suit your capabilities and the demands from the customers aptly

Prior to plunging headlong, be sure you might have honed the expertise of an specialist iPhone game developer.

4) Drawing a rough sketch of what to do, when to do and the way to do

Keep in mind which you could need to encounter issues related to coding. Hence, be ready with correct options and a rough estimate of the way to proceed along with your customized program of iPhone games improvement.

5) Diligent understanding on the basics

The fundamental principles should be followed irrespective in the complexity on the game you’re taking into consideration to develop.

6) Continuous operating upon the processes and principles

You ought to be a diligent student from the most recent trends in technologies like 3G and languages like C++ to simplify your function as a developer

7) Willingness to learn complex coding systems

If you are unsure regarding the coding systems, you could take aid from open supply software program manuals. They’re able to be downloaded in the Internet or subscribed at nominal expenses.

8) Pick the correct codes, layouts and controls for the proposed game

Despite the fact that it might be difficult to invent an all-new game, you’ll be able to improvise on an existing game and produce a brand new version by placing all of your inventive abilities with each other, as a visionary iPhone game developer.

9) Play a couple of games

The top tip would be to play a number of games to acquire to understand the appear and really feel of games virtually. You may obtain a good thought about where to enhance and how you can do it.

10) Take part in forums

Maintaining in sync together with the latest developments is mandatory for any developer of iPhone games to implement these technologies in their development strategy effectively.

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Some Salient Characteristics for iPhone Application Improvement

Nowadays, living inside a tech-savvy era, it truly is impossible to maintain oneself devoid of it. Mobile’s have turn into an integral part of our modern-day lifestyle. Every now and after that new models and gadgets are introduced into the marketplace, driving people nuts. In spite of the availability of so many devices, iPhone outshines all and is merely the best.

iPhones have some brilliant functions that no other telephone enhance, producing it the favorite for all of the techno-savvy geeks and youth. Apple’s app retailer has inspired numerous developers to accelerate the production of feature-rich apps.Cellphone parts.  iPhone application development is amongst the quickest increasing industries inside the marketplace. Together with the addition of new and much more advanced apps the field is enjoying vast recognition from folks around the planet.

There is no doubt that iPhone has definitely changed the way layman used to perceive mobile phones, as well as the credit solely goes to the stunning and dynamic iPhone apps. Building apps for iPhones is just not at all a simple job and as such 1 want to have sound knowledge and technical expertise as to develop an app.

1) iCloud

iCloud has gained tremendous recognition as it allows you to do a lot more than just storing your content- it lets you access your music, contacts, images, documents, calendars, and more, anytime and anywhere. It is one of the most simplest and easiest approach to get your content material organized. iCloud provides seamless integration into your apps such that you just can access your information or content on any device.

2) Notification Center

It’s but another remarkable function that will incorporate e-mail alert, reminders, calender alert, immediate message, buddy request etc.. It flashes any new updates in the prime of the screen and does not interrupt with what you are undertaking, letting you hold up together with the function.

3) Retina Display

It truly is the most vibrant display using a pixel density of 326px per inch. This tends to make it not possible for the human eyes to differentiate among individual pixels, as such web site pages, photos or emails remains crisp and precise at any size. Customers are positive to acquire startled and absorbed, retina show is such an incredible function.

iPhones boast an array of sophisticated functions and above are just are handful of of them. iPhone developers make use of such incredible features and avant-garde tools for iPhone app improvement, iPhone SDK improvement, iPhone game development and such.

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IOS 7: Turning Off the Annoying Characteristics

Apple iPhone had truly caught the limelight with its newly released phones: iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. Not to mention, Apple’s release of iOS 7, which had triggered much more of a stir than the launch on the newest flagships mentioned-rendering Apple becoming 1 on the most talked about problems as of late.

Now, making the iOS 7 the subject, a great deal of iPhone customers praised the upgrade on the iOS on their iDevice. Also, there were more than a few who wished that they haven’t upgraded their smartphone’s platform. muchbuy. If you are amongst these people who are disappointed about several of the functions iOS 7, then don’t hate however. Surely, you cannot get iOS 6 back again, but there are still several suggestions and tricks to somewhat somehow switch back to iOS 6. Adhere to these swift guides beneath:

#1: Eliminate the Parallax Effect

The 3D impact identified as Parallax is fantastic, but it is not excellent for many people. To not mention, it isn’t a lot of a big deal. Plus, they could only drain your phone’s battery quicker. To turn off the parallax effect, just stick to these basic actions:

Go to: Settings > Basic > Accessibility > Decrease Motion

And from there, as you see the Reduce Motion, toggle it to turn it off.

#2: Disable Control Center

Handle Center is one of the best features the iOS 7 boasts. Just swipe the screen in the bottom upward, and discover what this feature can do. Inside the panel, you’ll find connectivity alternatives, volume, screen brightness, and media keys for films and music which you can adjust. But the problem shows once you swipe upward to scroll your net browser page, or to play a game just to see this Manage Center spoiling the exciting. To turn it off:

Go to: Settings > Control Center… and set Access on Lock Screen to white; not green.

#3: Prolong Your Phone’s Battery

Though iPhones have replacement batteries offered on the web and in-stores, it is greater if you know how to prolong your iPhone’s battery at hand since replacing the battery for iPhone is not an easy thing. Knowing iOS 7, it truly is indeed savage in your battery with all the attributes it flaunts. Attempt these ideas to extend once more your iDevices’ batteries:

Switch off Background App Refresh, Bluetooth, and AirDrop unless you are truly utilizing them.

Close down apps that you’re not truly making use of given that they are able to be a real deal of battery drainer.

#4: Disable Siri

Siri is definitely an iOS’s intelligent, voice-activated, individual assistant that assists you get things completed just by asking. But for some, Siri can just be an irritating app that pops up whenever you accidentally hold down the residence important button. To disable Siri you have to…

Visit: Settings > General… and from there, disable Siri.

Truly, at times it is considerably much better to be simpler. You can find issues which might be needless to possess because they don’t genuinely do as well much, which might at occasions be bunch of baloneys. Not to say that they are useless, actually they may be wonderful! But, a few of them usually are not just inside the appropriate location. All hopes up that Apple could boost this, or iPhone users can get the hang of it.

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How Not to Find yourself Voiding Your iPhone’s Warranty

Greater than probably, if you bought your iPhone, you purchased the warranty to go together with it. Since it is such an costly investment, there’s no reason you ought to not make each effort to take care of your phone, but you have that warranty for any reason: if something goes wrong. Which is why you need to take care not to void your warranty, and take note of how basic it can be occasionally to void it without even realizing it.

Your iPhone’s Back Cover

Removing your iPhone’s back cover, no matter the purpose for it, may cause a lot more issues than it may fix should you be not authorized by Apple to complete so. Although it may not be necessarily clear which you have ever opened the back of your iPhone, doing so quickly voids your warranty, even though it is a basic removal from the screws to effectively clean along the edges of one’s iPhone. That being mentioned, so long as you are careful in removing the screws and secure them back into location effectively, there is certainly no way that a technician will understand that you might have removed the back of one’s iPhone and can’t void your warranty on basic suspicion alone.

The warranty for iPhone within this case is usually left up to the technician’s discretion, nonetheless. It truly is very best to prevent removing the back cover of one’s iPhone at all fees, and undoubtedly any cosmetic adjustments you make for your iPhone involving it’s going to openly and certainly void your warranty and must hence be avoided completely.

Water Damage as well as your iPhone

1 in the most common approaches to entirely void your warranty is through water damage. Most people have had the horrible encounter of dropping anything pricey into water accidentally, be it within the toilet or sink and even the pool. Your iPhone would be an incredibly expensive error as water damage voids your warranty entirely. You will find truly water sensors within the iPhone and if water harm is suspected by your technician, they are going to eliminate the back cover of your iPhone and test to find out if these sensors have already been triggered. If they’ve been, then your warranty is null and void. These sensors are very sensitive, and in some cases when you have dropped your iPhone into water only to get a few seconds, there is certainly a possibility they are going to be triggered. The best approach to steer clear of this really is to basically not bring your iPhone anyplace close to water, and to maintain a close eye on it when and if you need to. Protective waterproof instances may possibly also aid in maintaining it safe from harm.

Damage for your iPhone’s Screen

In general, damage for your iPhone’s screen just isn’t covered underneath your warranty, however it will not necessarily void it. If your screen is cracked although under warranty, it’ll not be replaced, but it won’t void the warranty if that is certainly the case. That is good news if you have dropped your iPhone and now have a handful of cracks in spot. Other repairs will nevertheless be covered and the rest in the warranty will probably be intact.

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Why You should Purchase the iPhone 5s

There have already been a huge number of iPhone 5s and 5c evaluations published all more than the Australasian, US and European markets relating to Apple’s most current addition to its iPhone family.

The concentrate of this article would be to summarise what’s truly much better within this iPhone compared to the iPhone 5 and why you must take into account the change if you are currently in two minds.

Apple has a tendency to possess a significant launch of its iPhone range followed by a minor launch the year This has undoubtedly followed the course with all the introduction of the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 and now iPhone 5s. The further evidence right here would be the launch of the slightly more affordable brother inside the 5c.

If you do not personal an iPhone or have an iPhone 4 or earlier model, then the iPhone 5s is truly the method to go.

The important improvements incorporate:

Processor – A7 is what sits inside the Apple 5s engine space and by all accounts can be a a lot a lot more potent machine than the A6 which sits within iPhone 5. Numerous have put it in to the category on the MacBook Pro when compared with the MacBook Air. The improvement processing energy also has flow on effects to areas like battery life and gaming.
Camera – Apple hasn’t gone down the path of far more mega-pixels indicates a significantly greater camera along with a considerably much better image. Apple’s focus has been around the sensitivity from the lens as well as the flash. There is certainly also considerably improvement within the region of video camera with 1080p video recording and stability.
Gaming – Should you travel on public transport you’d have believed that smartphones where only introduced to ensure that students and adults could play games. Apple is really gunning to grow to be the very best performing phone with regards to mobile gaming as well as the processor within the iPhone 5s is testament to this. Supporting these improvements will be the range of games which you can access through iTunes.
Transactions – Touch ID isn’t only an simpler way to unlock your phone nevertheless it can also be the foundations for greater safety and capability to transact employing your mobile phone. Apple know this and more than the coming year, we are probably to find out a lot more from Apple providing this feature greater applicability within the Apple universe.
iOS7 – comes pre-installed on the iPhone 5s saving you the hassle of the upgrade if you are on an earlier iPhone. The upgrade so far appears to become more about aesthetics than something else.

If I had an iPhone 5, I’d stick with it unless your phone is suffering physically. Greater to wait will the subsequent round of modifications ie iPhone 6 for any much bigger bang from Apple.

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Apple iPhone Event: Were The Rumors Accurate?

There have been a lot of rumors surrounding the Apple iPhone occasion. The majority of them dealt straight using the anticipated iPhones – the suggested 5S and 5C. A good deal of interesting tips and speculations had been suggested and expressed – from the most clear to those unlikely to occur. The keynote itself was not groundbreaking – at least such was the initial impression. Every little thing we saw there was expected, using a modest exception. Now we’d like to lead you through the roundup of rumors that have been circulating about the web. Let’s see which of them came true and which were left behind.

YES: two iPhones
Just because it was expected, officially named iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. The former has the design of its predecessor, while the latter has equivalent specs. Both will quickly be launched with iOS 7 aboard. Actually, the entire keynote is about these two devices. Even the upcoming iOS 7 was described just to supplement the story.

NO: iPhone 5C can be a low-cost iPhone
If in comparison to 5S, it is a spending budget iPhone covered with polycarbonate shell. But it isn’t so low-cost as a lot of of us anticipated. It really is slightly more affordable than the flasghip, but its cost is considerable (contract-free: $549 for 16GB, $649 for 32GB). To examine, prices from the 5S are $100 larger respectively. It is less costly but not cheap.

YES: iPhone 5C comes in colors
Leaked pictures showed us the truth. We’ve got five colors: white, yellow, green, blue, pink. No purple or red. This can be precisely what Apple hinted at by the tagline ‘This need to brighten your day’. Nokia identified this choice resembling the variety of colors that the Lumia family members gives and took an exciting jab at Apple on Twitter.

YES: iPhone 5S goes gold
There’s lastly the third color for the high-end smartphone – champagne (or call it gold). What’s liked about this option, there is certainly no excessive glitter like in Vertu phones, every thing is colored with simplicity and elegance.

NO: 128GB option
Sadly for music lovers and movie fans, there’s nevertheless no alternative of doubling the maximum iPhone capacity. At the least music lovers who carry their whole music libraries within the pocket, nevertheless can have their classic iPods.

YES: fingerprint sensor
A single of the most broadly discussed functions introduced inside the new iPhones. It occupies the home button behind a layer of sapphire crystal. The whole function is known as Touch ID and it permits users to unlock the phone with no getting into passcodes.

Even though it succeeded to raise some interest inside the internet, Close to Field Communication remains a niche notion that nevertheless will not acquire considerably practical use and value. At least for Apple.

YES: next-generation chip
The 5S introduces A7 which makes it, as claimed by Apple,cellphone parts,  five instances more rapidly than iPhone 5 and 40 times quicker than the very initial iPhone. It really is accompanied by yet another chip – so-called ‘motion coprocessor’ M7. The majority of other improvements within the 5S are evolution as opposed to revolution, just like it was between iPhone 4 and 4S.

NO: a brand new iPad? An iPad mini with Retina show? A brand new iPod? Maybe iWatch?
None. The event was solely dedicated towards the new iPhones. Almost everything that Apple is possibly preparing to show, will arrive later this year. iWatch, which has never ever been confirmed but, shouldn’t be anticipated earlier than 2014 (if it ever arrives).

NO: some thing we did not count on
Probably there was just one pleasant bonus that wasn’t predictable (effectively, except Elvis Costello): 5 paid apps by Apple are cost-free for the new iPhone purchasers – the iWork suite (Pages, Numbers, Keynote), iPhoto and iMovie. We are able to only wonder whether Apple has anything else to show us. If it has, we’ve to wait for the following keynote. Now let us bide our time waiting for the release of iOS 7 on September 18.